Flurina Casty
Dont turn the light on (2018)

'Don't turn the light on' was the first manifestation for the collectives' ongoing venture. An open call with a five day workshop preceded the exhibition. We discussed methods of artistic research, conducted a Socratic Dialogue on the concept of desire and held presentations and feedback rounds.
Precart Collective curated the group exhibition at the project space UNDERBANEN in Copenhagen.
On the opening weekend we had several performances and closing with an interesting round table discussion with a special guest and art critic. Furthermore during the exhibition, which lasted another month, we had film screenings, lectures and more performances featuring: Performance K√łkkenet, Maria Lepisto, Eline Tsvetkova, Mads Floor Andersen and Kristian M. Meyer.
The exhibition featured the work of Petrine Clausen, Eline Tsvetkova and Lotte van der Woude.
Nomadic Research Project
...UNDERBANEN, Copenhagen, Denmark 2018