Flurina Casty
Scatla (2017)

'Scatla' I performed as part of the exhibition 'Values of Deconstruction' at the Stadtgalerie in Chur 2017. It was an inquiry into a distant past and a collective memory. The performance was in Swiss German.
I led the audience through the passage behind the exhibition walls and through a big steel door leading to the Rathaushalle. There, underneath a dim light, we gathered in a circle and I told a story.
It was about a dam that was built close to a village in the rural area where my family is from. I told them of a particular day in fall, when the lake was empty and I could walk across the silver lake bed, which displayed itself like a barren desert. 'Scatla' conveys a hidden truth at the bottom of the river, without disclosing what it is I opened the box I held in my hand. An almost dignified silence spread throughout the audience members as they passed the pictures along. The fragments and bits became part of a collective experience. As they were trying to get the bigger picture they would whispers among each other and in anticipation looking for the next images to come.

'Scatla' is part of an ongoing inquiry into the mystical landscape of the Surselva, the legends and stories, Rumantsch, inconvenient truths, dogmas of Christianity and the passing of times, femininity and spirituality.