Flurina Casty
An intermezzo beyond the frame (2015)

The installation was part of my graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld in Amsterdam in 2015. The four channel rear-projection was played in a 60 minutes loop. During the last then minutes of the hour a performance would take place.
The video projection showed a man moving within the limitations of the frame. Each frame represented one room of a domestic space. The audience could follow his actions which felt too accurate to be natural, such as: getting out of bed, washing his face, watching TV and preparing food. The audience becames a secondary viewer, and was made aware of the different media in between the captured scenes and its various representations; an image of an image, a frame being framed.
After the hour of filmed performance, the camera turned away, leaving the audience in a new context. In the empty and darkened presentation room, new stories could be told; The door of the room would open and the man from the image would appear in real life. The exhibition space would turn into another frame.