Flurina Casty
Flurina Casty (1988) graduated in 2015 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her bachelor thesis was nominated for the Thesis Award the same year.
The following three years she worked independently to develop her artistic practice, moving in between Switzerland and South Africa, where she collaborated on various projects with local artists and collectives, such as 'Buyaphi University'and 'Trackside Creative'.
In 2016 she collaborated with soprano Nora Bertogg for a performance, which was selected for the annual winter exhibition at the Grison Art Museum organised by 'Visarte Graubünden' for their 80th anniversary.
In 2017 she organized an exhibition at the Stadtgalerie in Chur entitled “Values of Deconstruction” to give insight into her development and practice. The same year she collaborated with fellow alumni Kristian M. Meyer (DK), Lotte van der Woude (NL) and Eline Tsvetkova (NL/BU) forming an artist collective. Together they curated a show in Copenhagen in 2018 at the project space UNDERBANEN.
In the fall of 2018 she began the master programme 'Contemporary Art Practice' in Bern aiming to further develop her skills as a performer and writer. In 2019 she performed her piece 'Flow' at the 'ACT Performance Festival' in Geneva, Zürich and Basel, 'Kulturfolger' Gallery Zürich , '(ort)' Raum für Performance in Emmenbrücke and the performance festival 'Excentricités' in Besançon in France.
Flow (2019), Performance 2019 ACT Zürich, Image: Olivia Jaques & Azad Coelemerg

with Collectif Craduction, Fureur de Lire 2019, Uni Bastions, Geneva (CH) …performance
About Us Kulturfestival, Zürich (CH) …performance
Zur Frohen Aussicht Ernen, Wallis (CH) …performance
Jahresausstellung CAP, Schwabstrasse 10, Bern (CH) …performance
ACT Festival, Messe, Basel (CH) …performance
performance (ort), Emmenbrücke (CH) …performance
ACT Festival, Zürich (CH) …performance
Kulturfolger, Zürich (CH) …performance
Excentricités, FRAC Franche-Comté, Besançon (FR) …performance
ACT Festival, Théatre Saint Gervais, Geneva (CH) …performance
Art’s Birthday, Radio RaBe and Y-Insitut, Bern (CH) …radio piece

Inyuvesi yaka Buyaphi, Soweto (SA) …performance
Revenir et dire ça, *DUUU Radio, Paris (FR) …live radio piece
A voice message project, Bern (CH) …audio piece
Lokalisation, Spieglerey, Zürich (CH) …performance
Don’t turn the light on, Underbanen, Copenhagen (DK) …performance

Werte der Dekonstruktion, Stadtgalerie Chur (CH) …exhibition
Kulturnacht Surselva, Ilanz, (CH) …performance
I love it like I love things you maybe shouldn’t love, Silicon Malley, Lausanne (CH) …performance
Trackside Creative, Soweto, Johannesburg (SA) …performance

Visarte Jubiläumsausstellung, Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur (CH) …performance with soprano Nora Bertogg
Project Space Zeltweg, Zürich (CH) …performance
Manifesta 11: What people do for money—some joint ventures, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich (CH) …performance

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