Flurina Casty
In my work I blend performance and writing.
At the beginning of every project stands a text, which I formulate over an extensive period of time. During the process I closely dissect my relation to a subject of interest, commonly relating to my social environment and day to day encounters, whether it's captured in cityscapes or a natural topography.
Thus, all my texts examine physical structures, situations and social material that I encounter. These are contextualised by means of metaphors or analogies and through various forms of texts that include elements of parables, essays and poetry.
In my research, aside from writing, I also use photography, video, drawing and painting. These mediums produce “snapshots” that capture my gaze and ways of seeing, which feed back into my study.
These observational testimonies are later translated into a site- or situation-specific performance; previously with the assistance of video-installations or installations; more recently with the architecture or natural landscape surrounding the performance, revealing a hidden subtext, thus opening up other dimensions to the story and how it’s told.
The use of my voice forms an integral part of my performances, resembling what most commonly can be understood as a form of storytelling or slam-poetry to engage the audience on an eye-to-eye level.
Then, through these various tools of language the viewer is led through my reflections; through mental concepts, places and scenarios.
Flow (2019), Performance 2019 ACT Zürich, Image: Olivia Jaques & Azad Coelemerg

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