Flurina Casty
Flurina Casty is a spoken-word performer and visual artist. Through descriptive, sometimes lyrical storytelling and fresh metaphors she builds colorful sites and situations in the spectators mind.
Her performances absorb audiences and take them on an imaginative journey, through unique concepts and places, only to break the order by a sudden movement or an unforeseen gesture.
Thus, her performances activate the imagination but also emphasize the present moment; by juxtaposing the representation of space through language with the environment of the performance, which she often refers to by means of gestures.
Her stories explore the notion of absence, memory, modes of contemplation and meaning.
She takes inspiration from her immediate environment, stories, news and archives and weaves them into more personal observations. Reoccurring topics are abandoned structures, old houses, and bodies of water.
Her performances occur often in public spaces, with a particular focus on man made structures and natural environments, which have a certain significance in relation to the story she’s telling.
Sometimes the pieces are solely audio pieces to perform on the radio or other audio projects.
She performs texts in English, German and Swiss-German, depending on the context in which the performances takes place.

Furthermore, Flurina Casty’s artistic practice extends into collaborations with art and community projects all around. She’s has worked together with a number of independent projects in South Africa, such as ‘Buyaphi University’ an outdoors Sunday school and community Center, ‘After School Art Project’ an incubator programme for youth-entrepreneurs and ‘Trackside Creative’ a creative and cultural hub in Soweto.
Flow (2019), Performance 2019 ACT Zürich, Image: Olivia Jaques & Azad Coelemerg

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